Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Sun

Winter Sun
Mother Nature appreciates Father Sun when he takes the low profile of winter. Sometimes having him a few extra miles away is pretty nice. It aslo allows me to let the Northern Hemsphere slow down and relax while I get busy in the Southern Hemisphere. Seems like I am always picking up after Father Sun.
Amazing how some people get all worked up because it is cold and snowy. They do not appreciate what I am doing by giving them long nights and short days. Time to reflect on your life and what you are trying to do. Christmas is a reasonably nice distraction for the month of December, but many people make it a competitive shopping experience. Sometimes I send a bit of snow and some cold weather to slow them down and maybe stay at home and do something with the people the live and love with.
The solar panel at the Train Farm is still generating up to 2100 watts at peak times, just like summer. The train guys tilted the panel so it is more perpendicular which keeps snow off it and also captures Father Sun's rays at the same angle as during the summer. Of course days are shorter, so total sunlight converted into electricty is much less. And, the train guys are smart enough to use less electricity in the winter to compensate.
Last year, I dumped a lot of snow on the Train Farm on December 2 and it stayed on the ground until middle of March. Mother Nature felt that was a good test, but this year I think I will be a little more lenient and start the snow later. However, you people are still dumping lots of Greenhouse Gases into my atmosphere, so I end up putting some extra water into it (can't help myself on that one) and then the cold air condenses it and you end up with lots of heavy snow. It is coming, but just a bit later this year.
Enjoy December, it really is a very nice month for thoughtful reflection.
Yours truly,
Mother Nature

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